10 x 20 Rental Displays

Do you want your products to stand out among the competition at your next trade show, convention or event? The best way to make sure you get noticed is with the right tools such as rental exhibits stands, trade show displays for rent and 10×20 ft. rental displays that are perfect for your product, service and event. With strong, sturdy and portable 20ft rental displays your customers and future customers will see you first in the room.

Eye catching graphics with full color displays are an excellent way to show off what you have to offer at events in Las Vegas, Nevada, Anaheim, California, Miami & South Florida and even Boston. Regardless of the size and location of your event or trade show, these displays for rental trade show booths can provide you with the resources you need to get noticed first. All of our products are made with quality materials that you can count on. They are light weight and ready to mobilize so that you can get from one location to another without trouble.

If you think that you need a boost for your company, product or service, making a big impression at a busy trade show can make you one of the more sought-after companies. Take the time to choose the right products for your situation from the many options that we provide. Our professional team of experts at Capital Exhibits is prepared to work with you to determine just the right set up for your next booth at any event you want to attend. We have all of the pieces that will complete your setup and get you noticed by those that you need to attract attention from. Properly displaying bright and colorful logos is a great way to make an impression and get people interested in what you have to offer.

Our team works with hundreds regularly to provide them with all of the tools they need to get ahead with their products, services and message. We look forward to working with you and your company in setting yourself up for success. Our experts are prepared to provide you with everything that you need to get noticed and get busy. Don’t take on the next trade show or event without the help of our team. Contact Capital Exhibits today for more information on how we can make a difference in the way potential customers and business associates look at what you offer.

Capital Exhibits provides a wide range of 10×20 rental trade show exhibits. Rental option is an exceptional value for clients who are doing one or two shows a year or for people who come from overseas and exhibit in the US. Our 20′ rental portable tension fabric displays are ideal for clients who want to do their own set up and dismantle. These systems are very lightweight and can be setup by one person. We also provide custom displays at any configuration you desire. Our 20′ rental displays can be delivered to Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, FL, Indianapolis, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York City, NYC, NJ, Anaheim, Atlanta, San Diego or anywhere in the US.

Are you a new yet wise exhibitor with a practical ROI-driven touch to exhibition investments? Are you looking to rent 10X20 trade show display that will do bring new prospects with investing too much. With over 25 years in exhibit industry, we understand the exhibition business and offer you a total solution to meet your specific requirements. We offer graphic design services for all your marketing material needs.

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