10FT Orbital Express Truss Trade Show Displays

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10ft 3 Meter Truss Show Display System With Fabric Graphics

This 10 ft Pavo truss show display system will bring the crowd to your booth with it’s elegant look. This truss exhibit sits at the back of a booth as a
backdrop(backwall) to a presentation with a nice curve look. The tradeshow display, also known as Pavo Truss, has everything needed for setup. The framing is made from steel tubes system, that piece together using no tools. The Pavo truss display system has a U-shape. This truss show display system is equipped with custom-printed fabric graphics.

We also provide affordable creative graphic design services since 1994. There is a flat fee for each design with unlimited revision that mean you don’t have to pay any additional fee for any revision.

Kit included:

ﻗ°ﺂ 10 x 6-way junction

ﻗ°ﺂ 05 x 36ﻗ°ﻻ truss lengths

ﻗ°ﺂ 05 x 46ﻗ°ﻻ truss lengths

ﻗ°ﺂ 08 x 45ﺁ٠ curved truss lengths

ﻗ°ﺂ 01 x adjustable tabletop

ﻗ°ﺂ full set of quicklock connectors

ﻗ°ﺂ 04 x 50 watt spotlights

ﻗ°ﺂ 01 x OCF molded cases

ﻗ°ﺂ 01 x OCH2 molded cases


Features and Benefits:


ﻗ°ﺂ Super easy setup! Simply twist and lock, no tools required! ﻗ°ﺎ

ﻗ°ﺂ Truss frame parts are interchangeable allowing you setup a different booths!

ﻗ°ﺂ Heavy duty truss frames feature superior quality for long lasting value and return on investment ﻗ°ﺎ

ﻗ°ﺂ Truss frame connectors are strong, secure, and simple to use.

ﻗ°ﺂ Truss kits comes with all the parts, fixtures and fittings you need to create a successful exhibit




ﻗ°ﺂ Designed for a 10′ x 10′ boothﻗ°ﺎ

ﻗ°ﺂ Color: High shine silver ﻗ°ﺎ

ﻗ°ﺂ Construction: Heavy duty steel truss frameﻗ°ﺎ

ﻗ°ﺂ Truss hardware is off the shelf and ready to ship in 2 – 3 days

ﻗ°ﺂ Shipping Weight: 365 lbs

ﻗ°ﺂ Shipping Dimensions: 51 x 38 x 25 (2 boxes)

ﻗ°ﺂ Shipping: Ships in wheeled hard molded plastic shipping and storage cases


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