20 ft. Kit A EZ Tube® Connect Backlit Single-Sided (Graphic Package)

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Product Overview:

Let your message shine! EZ Tube Connect modular tube display is now backlit. Included LED ladder lights attach easily and hook into corresponding holes on the top and bottom tubes. At 90″ tall, EZ Tube Connect Backlit has multiple frame widths of 3ft, 5ft, and 10ft. Each EZ Tube Connect Backlit frame connects tool-free, with a simple push button snap to lock and to attach to feet. Configure multiple frames asdesired. Feet have two mounting points to connect frames side-by-side. Customize a single-sided fabric graphic that pulls over frame and zips closed underneath. Medium Hard Case included.


  • (2) Top straight tube -5ft (56mm)
  • (2) Bottom straight tube – 5ft(56mm)
  • (6) L shape connector (56mm)
  • (6) Vertical tube(56mm)
  • (6) Plastic corner connector (56mm)
  • (2) Single foot(56mm)
  • (8) LED Light Bag
  • (8) Light kit
  • (8) Transformer
  • (4) Transformer Bag
  • (8) YC-E3 wire line
  • (1) Top straight tube -10ft (56mm)
  • (1) Bottom straight tube – 10ft(56mm)
  • (1) Vertical Support Pole
  • (3) Medium Hard Case
  • (2) Double foot(56mm)
  • (3) Single-Sided Graphics


  • Material:Stretch Fabric
  • Display Size: 120″W x 90″H x 18.75″D
  • Template Size: 2ft. 24″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: 5ft. 60″W x 88″H
  • Template Size: Medium Hard Case 62.375″W x 32.25″H
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22″W x 39″H x 17″D
  • Shipping Weight 10ft : 85 lbs (frames and graphics) x 1 cases
  • Shipping Weight 5ft : 66 lbs (frames and graphics) x 2 cases
  • Available at:Pacific Fulfillment Center






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