47″W X 118″H. Expand MediaScreen XL Graphic Package

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Expand Media Screen XL-47 x 118 wide retractable banner stand

You can easily combine several Expand MediaScreen XL to create a large
backdrop, using Expand’s patented magnetic connectors located on the
sides of the top profile.
Easy to set up

You can set it up the Expand MediaScreen XL in 30 seconds without tools or a ladder.


This is an extra wide and extra tall retractable display.

Width: 47 1/4″ (100 and 120 cm)
Height: 118 1/8″ (200, 218, 250 and 300 cm)
Weight: 16 lbs. (6.4 and 7.3 kg)

Join two or more displays with a simple “click”
Expand’s patented magnetic connector is located at
each end of the top profile. It allows you to join several displays with
a simple “click”, to create an even larger backdrop.

A spotlight (50 W) is available as an
accessory to further enhance your message. The Expand Spotlight comes
with a hard, protective, plastic case that can easily attach to the
bag of your retractable or non-retractable display for easy
transportation. The version available in the United States will also
incorporate a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness of the

*Please Note: The spotlight is not
recommended for the 98 3/8″ and the 118 1/8″ high Expand MediaScreen XL
as it may cause the unit to lean forward and have less than optimal

Delivered in a padded black nylon bag.


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