Medium Hard Case

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The Medium Hard Case is a molded plastic hard carry case with a center handle grip and inset wheels for easy mobility. It’s oval shape fits some of our larger displays. Lock and key included.

31 lbs

Case Outside Dimensions:
22″W x 39″H x 17″D

Case Inside Dimensions:
20.5″W x 32.5″H x 12″D

This Case for:
(1) Medium Ready Pop, or (1) Large Ready Pop, or (1) 8ft. EZ Tube, or (1) 10ft. EZ Tube, or (1) 20ft EZ Tube.

Looking for a graphic wrap to go with it? Click back a page to select the option for Medium Hard Case with 1. Stretch Fabric Wrap, 2. PVC Wrap, or 3. Laminated Display Film Wrap


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Medium Hard Case


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