Expand FlagStand 1 – (EFS 1) Outdoor Banner Stand

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  • Available in different heights (6′, 9′ & 12.5′)
  • Stable in strong winds
  • An X-base or a ground stake to choose from
  • Delivered in a nylon bag
  • Also for indoor use


Your printed flag
Your printed flag

Your message and logo is printed on a thin polyester fabric. Choose between single or double sided prints for the two smaller 6′ and 9′ flags (only single sided for the 12.5′ version).

The flag pole
The flag pole

The flag pole is made of carbon fibre (6.5′ height is made of glass fibre). It is foldable and very easy to mount and dismount. It is mounted to the X base or ground stake with one simple operation.


Gives great stability and has a rotational hub to enable the flag pole to rotate when windy. It can be easily folded for transportation.

A ground pole available
A ground pole available

Choose a ground pole on surfaces such as grass or gravel. It has the same type of rotational hub as the X base.

Ground pegs for extra support
Ground pegs for extra support

Available as accessories to ensure stability.

An extra weight
An extra weight

Used for the 12.5′ high flag, as well for the 9′ one when it’s extra windy. The weight comes in an extra small round nylon bag with handles.

Delivered in a nylon bag
Delivered in a nylon bag

The product is very compact and arrives in a protective nylon bag with handles.



Sizes & Weight

Width: 39 3/8″
Pole height: 78 3/4″, 118 1/8″ & 157 1/2″
Product height:  82 11/16″ (6′ – 10 11/16″), 122 1/16″ (10′ – 2 1/16″) & 161 7/16″ (13′ – 5 7/16″)

Product with X base: Approx. 17.6 lbs.
Product with ground stake: Approx. 4.4 lbs.
Additional weight: 14.3 lbs.

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