RENTAL 36″w Foam Board Holder

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Rental 36in wide Foam Board Holder

Display graphics and attract buyers with single or double sided graphics, our unique M shaped steel base assembles accommodate up to 1″ thick substrates. Interior holes with carriage bolts and wing nuts support any rigid graphics, make matching holes in graphics or use without holes holding graphic above the carrriage bolts. Extremely cost effective display screen, perfect for science fair display, graphics are displayed in a modern frame-less fashion, extremely sturdy as all the weight is centered on the floor, 3-1/2″ height off floor, 9″ front to back. These unique display boards are available for rent as well.

Cork Poster Board Rental

Installation and delivery is available in Washington DC, Virginia, VA and Maryland MD. Contact us at 703-339-9494 or email at if you have any questions.


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