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Are you ready to help fight COVID-19? Let our custom flags and banners help you!

Surprisingly, flags and banners can help stop COVID by making your safety measures known.


Our Outdoor Displays and Canopy Tents can fill a critical role in your communication efforts.

Flags and banners can be used for a variety of outdoor events.

To begin, you can announce social distancing in stores and advocate frequent hand washing. You can also highlight new store hours.

In addition, announce your restaurant’s take-out/delivery options. What’s more, you can notify customers of a temporary closure, post updates on state restrictions and mandates, and much more.


Whenever you use custom signage, you can keep customers and employees up to date on company actions and strategies, such as:

  • Social-Distancing: inspire customers to stay several feet away from each other
  • Take Out/Delivery: tell guests about your shift to take-out and delivery services
  • Change in Hours/Temporary Closures: whenever you modify their open/close times, temporarily shutter, or consolidate operations.


Customize flags and banners for any type of event!

Our selection customized banners and flags can alert potential customers that your restaurant, store, or business offers a curbside pickup service.

Moreover, restaurants are now offering curbside pickup of to-go orders. However, other companies are also adding this business model to their offerings.

Tell guests about this change in doing business with our custom flags and banners. They’re especially good for curbside pickup areas.

Budget-friendly and visually appealing, these flags could showcase your corporate colors, symbol, and message.

Most importantly, they highlight information that you want the shopper to know.

For example, consider the location of your curbside pickup parking.

Do you intend to offer this even after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted? If so, then it makes sense to order these flags and banners now.


In times of uncertainty, every bit of preparedness can make all the difference.

In light of this, we have been working tirelessly to provide coronavirus signage for you.

Use our custom flags and banners for healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.

In addition, they can promote clear communication and direction.

Consider our line of custom products to let your community where you stand during the epidemic. That is to say, we are all in this together.

Clear communication is key to streamlining services and directing traffic.

With this purpose in mind, our custom signage helps people know where to go when they come to you.

However, it is essential to direct people they moment they enter your parking lot.

To put it differently, you can use our custom flags and banners to keep people with non-emergency conditions out of the ER.

Cost-Effectiveness Outdoor Display Solutions

Nothing builds excitement about your company quite like custom-made outdoor banner stand that have that certain “look.” You know that look. It’s the look of an outdoor banner stand with clean lines, bold, bright colors and good balance that invites the eye, creates excitement and builds brand recognition for your business. It’s the look that drives sales, gets noticed and gives your organization the competitive edge it needs to stand out in your industry. Our outdoor banner stands are great as stand-alone marketing solutions or as part of a dynamic trade show booth indoors. If you’re looking for portable, durable outdoor banner stands that look great and achieve results outdoors or indoors as part of your trade show exhibit, trust Capital Exhibits to do it right, do it fast and do it for less.


Outdoor Banner Stands Built to Last!

Too many banner stands lose their ability to attract attention in a short period of time. The colors fade, the edges start fraying, the vinyl tears and the stand leans to one side because it wasn’t built to last. Here at Capital Exhibits, we understand very well that a poorly designed, cheaply built and shoddy outdoor banner stand becomes a negative for our clients’ business and for ours. That’s why we design and manufacture ours to last month after month and year after year. We make each outdoor roller up to withstand the elements and retain its color and shape in all weather conditions.

You’ve Tried the Rest, Now Call the Best and Find Out How We Build Your Best Image!

At Capital Exhibits, we’re able to keep prices low and quality high by doing everything in-house. We create custom marketing solutions for trade show booths based on our clients’ wants and needs. Since we handle all aspects of each project, we are able to deliver marketing materials of exceptional quality and durability in just a few days and at prices that provide exceptional return on investment. Call us at 866.730.3746 to discover for yourself how we Build Your Best Image. It’s more than our motto; it’s how we built our business from the very beginning. Call us today, and let our expertise be the catalyst for your success!

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