10 x 20 Trade Show Displays & Pop Up Booths

There’s no doubt that the larger footprint of a 10×20 trade show displays take up more floor space. But the larger area doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger impact on your bottom line.

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20ft Trade Fair Booths
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20ft Display System Vegas
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Portable 10×20 Pop Up Displays

Unless, of course, your 10×20 pop up displays are designed and produced by the team at Capital Exhibits! When we design and create a 10 x 20 ft. exhibit for trade show booths and other applications, they drive sales and achieve results. Because, they are designed to attract prospective clients to your booth. Our graphic artists and production team members have many decades of combined experience designing and crafting inside and outside displays for a wide range of different clients and applications. These 20ft pop up display booths are easy to set up, easy to take down and built to retain their great looks and effectiveness year after year. View our banner displays selection for an add-on to your booth.

For 10×20 displays that are built to last and provide outstanding return on investment, call us today at 866-730-3746!

Custom 10×20 Trade Show Displays That Help Your Organization Stand Out and Achieve Its Goals!

Trade show veterans know what types of displays work and what types don’t work at exhibition halls of all sizes. The custom 10×20 trade show displays that work feature sharp graphics, attractive colors, multimedia and other features. They attract the eye from across big rooms and attract big audiences for the teams working at these displays. Those that don’t work well are drab, formulaic, colorless, featureless and, ultimately, worthless. If you’re looking for wholesale 10 x 20 pop up displays that work and work very well for your organization, you have definitely come to the right place. Over the years, we have designed and created many different types of 20′ displays that employ many different types of features, including these:

  • Banner Stands
  • Truss Systems
  • Monitor Stands
  • Custom Tablecloths. Lighting and Flooring
  • Ceiling Hanging Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Vinyl Banners
  • Fabric Banners
  • many other marketing materials that get noticed and deliver results!

Whether you have an existing logo, font and color scheme for your display or you would like us to create a new look to incorporate into a 10×20 ft. display for you, you will find that our team is easy to work with and our rates are quite affordable. We have become the industry’s premier provider of trade show booths and marketing materials one satisfied client at a time and look forward to helping your organization achieve its goals. For more information about our 20ft displays for your lobby, trade show booth, satellite marketing outpost or other application, please call us today at 866-730-3746. Custom-made, attractive and effective 10×20, and 10×10 pop up displays from Capital Exhibits. Just another way we help you Build Your Best Image!

Top quality and elegant 10×20 trade show displays by Capital Exhibits will put your company over the top at any tradeshows. There are so many 10 x 20 trade show displays are available, from portable aluminum tubing systems with fabric graphics to custom booths to fit your needs and budget. Find agricultural fairs around the world here. An straight 10×20 trade show booth makes it easier for you clients to see demos and have space for attendees to walk in and experience your products and services. Meeting spaces with tables and chairs for networking are also a possibility with a 10 x 20 booths.

For a 10 x 20 display booth with a elegant design and unique layout, take a look at our large selection of 10 x 20 trade show displays.  We carry many different configurations that are portable, elegant, and very easy to setup.  Our 10′ x 20′ trade show display options include pop up displays, aluminum tension fabric displays, truss systems, and custom trade show booths.  If you are looking for a reconfigurable 20ft display solution, contact us with your layout if any, provide a description of what you are looking for then our creative design team will put something together ot meet your needs. Our 10 x 20 rental displays are available in Vegas, Baltimore MD, DC, VA, FL, AT and all over the US with complete line of accessories like trade show flooring, iPad stands, information kiosks, literature racks and more.

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