Capital Exhibits offers bulletin board cork rental stands for meetings trade shows. These bulletin board stands come in 4′ x 8′ and 4ft x 6ft, double-sided with wheels for easy relocation. We rental the Bulletin Board Cork Rental Stands for Meetings TradeShows in Virginia, VA, Washington DC and Baltimore, Gaylord National Harbor Maryland MD and all over the US. We also provide delivery and installation as well. Not just any bulletin board … we have a variety of contemporary cork boards on frames, magnetic whiteboards, three legs easels to replace the old standby that hangs on a wall with a hodge-podge of notes attached to it. Off the wall and on to a bulletin board stand. You now have options.

Cork Bulletin Boards Rental Stands
4ft x 8ft and 4' x 6' Bulletin Boards
22x28 sign poster stand
22"w x28"h poster board stands
dry erase boards
Dry Erase Board Stands

Stationary Bulletin Board Cork Rental Stands for Meetings TradeShows

Capital Exhibits provides specialty stationary 22 in x 28 in poster board stands, rental dry erase boards, Bulletin Board Cork Rental Stands for Meetings TradeShows, special events, exhibitions, business meetings, seminars, and art shows. The selections are numerous. Along with the modern magnetic white boards, framed cork bulletin board rentals, Capital Exhibits has foam boards, push pin picture boards, poster session board rental, white dry erase boards for schools, colleges, picture frame exhibit stands, chalkboard, blackboard, wooden boards for students to display their artwork using push pins. We also offer singlesided, dual-sided, and presentation boards as well as banner stands to go with these boards.

These specialty boards add an impressive touch to your professional presentations, not to mention your audience has a continuous view of your idea or product while you are presenting. The reversible board pivot is perfect for such occasions; it allows you to compare two issues by simply flipping the board from side to side as you speak.

Free-standing boards with wheels offer additional versatility. If you are changing presentation locations during a conference, you simply roll your presentation media along with you.

Bulletin boards are fluid. Message boards in particular offer the capability to monitor-and-adjust as your event progresses. Attendees quickly learn where the message boards are and check them frequently. Rental Message boards, rental white boards and Rental Flip Charts are the perfect way to:

  • post announcements
  • display daily or hourly schedules
  • announce schedule changes
  • present last-minute changes in venue

In addition to message boards, Capital Exhibits provides memo boards, notice boards, large picture frame stands and image boards to address your particular needs.

 When renting these bulletin board stands you agree to our rental agreement terms and conditions.

From Business to Art

Bulletin boards are a valuable asset for any art exhibit. They offer versatility in configuration and are economical. Rather than a one-sided, stationary wall, be creative with a dual-sided board that offers twice the display space for photographs and/or creative drawings and paintings.

More Than Just Cork

Capital Exhibits offers an array of choices for your information/presentation needs. Our inventory includes:

  • cork boards for sale and rent
  • large cork boards
  • framed cork bulletin boards
  • extra large cork boards
  • 4 x 8 boards/48″ x 96″ boards
  • 4 x 6 foam boards
  • freestanding boards with wheels
  • push pin picture boards
  • photo pin boards
  • bulletin board display stands
  • both sides wooden board
  • double sided board stands
  • reversible board pivot
  • presentation boards
  • wood frame boards
  • Rental Flip Charts

Capital Exhibits expands your display choices with bulletin board rentals knowing that bulletin boards are a cost-effective way to use otherwise dead space … like walls. Bulletin boards give you the opportunity to dress up any area with essential information and product overviews. Don’t simply tape your poster to the wall. Add that professional touch by using a bulletin board.

Capital Exhibits pays close attention to detail while offering superb craftsmanship at consistently affordable rates. For more information, contact us at 703-479-7934 or

4′ x 8′ Stands Dimensions:
98″L X 24.5″D X 79″H

4′ x 6′ Stands Dimensions:
73”L x 24”D x 79”H

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