Trade Show Shipping Cases

Trade Show Shipping Cases

Whether you call them trade show shipping cases, graphics cases, banner stands case, hard plastic exhibition cases or something else, they are the unheralded workhorses of the business. They get stashed behind the scenes and won’t help you make a sale or land a new account, but without them protecting your exhibit and investment, your promotional materials won’t retain their value, look or effectiveness. They come in small, medium, large, round & expandable.

When your organization needs trade show shipping cases with wheels, canvas carrying cases and more to protect your exhibit and keep it looking great show after show, you can rely on the pros at Capital Exhibits to provide durable cases that are affordable but built to last. These cases are designed for any sizes such as 10ft, 20ft pop up displays as well. We also fabricate custom hard plastic crated for 20×20, 20×20 and 40×40 cases as well.

Need standard or custom shipping cases to protect your investment and keep your exhibit looking pristine? Call us today at 866-730-3746!

Rugged, Dependable Trade Show Cases
We know what happens behind the scenes at trade shows. That’s why our wide, tall, large, medium and small shipping cases are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of the road and resist wear year after year. We also know that if your exhibit isn’t protected while in transit, it might not arrive in time or worse, arrive in an unacceptable condition, wasting your time and your investment.

Our cases are rotationally-molded from rugged polyethylene for durability, and most can comfortably hold 400-500 pounds in materials. If time is short and you need rugged and affordable shipping cases to protect your exhibit right now, our bulk shipping cases are practical and reliable solutions. For custom cases and inserts to protect more fragile components of your booth and keep them looking great over time, ask us to fabricate trade show cases designed specifically for you!

If you are tired of losing valuable parts of your exhibit due to careless shipping and handling and are looking for a lasting solution that will protect your investment, call us today at 866-730-3746 to ask about our shipping cases.

They may not be the flashiest part of your trade show booth, but without them, your exhibit will suffer. Don’t let a careless forklift driver or sales rep ruin another expensive and essential part of your booth. Call us today, and protect your investment with shipping cases that are designed and built to solve problems and provide outstanding return on investment year after year. Your clients will never see them, but our shipping cases are just another way that we help you Build Your Best Image!

Banner Stands Cases

Banner Stand Cases are lightweight, ideal for transporting retractable or non retractable banner stands. A range of standard display cases specifically designed to carry your roller banner. Usually available from stock for all makes of retractable banner stands. Customised carry bags can be manufactured to suite any make of show display, bannerstands. Please contact us with your inquiry.

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