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When you’re looking for video wall display in Virginia, choose a professional HD video walls installer that has experience with video wall display systems. A video wall screen is a multi-monitor setup that uses multiple televisions, projectors or computer monitors to form one large display wall. It’s important to use screens that are specifically designed for use in video walls, a company that specializes in TV wall solutions will know which screens will work best for this display type. Whether Samsung, LG, Sony or other brands, these television screens contain the hardware needed in order to stack screens together within a multiple TV wall design.

Oftentimes businesses use video walls instead of a single large screen because they want the ability to customize tile layouts. These LED video walls are used in places where displays are needed to be seen at long distances such as a sports arena. They also benefit smaller venues where patrons may view the screen up close and at a distance such as an airport. Ultimately, video walls are not limited to one single purpose and can be used for dozens of different applications across VA.

Capital Exhibits installs video wall solutions in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, government offices, restaurants, shopping malls, TV studios, convention halls, trade shows, hotels, restaurant digital menu boards, airports and any other business in and around Virginia. Our interactive video wall installation provides custom video walls in a variety of sizes for different industries. We are capable of handling the process of developing and installing video walls whether HD video walls, LCD custom screens or 2X2 video walls, just to name a few.

When it comes to portrait video wall services, we can install a single monitor or a large group of monitors in a multiple screen video wall. Our installations are a great addition, both indoor and outdoor, to a variety of businesses in Virginia. With a video wall mount, we can safely mount your LED or HD screens or monitors. We also can construct video walls in places where walls may not be available. We offer a large range of video arrangement designs such as 2 x 2, 3 x 2, 3 x 3 and more.

Create a creative and imaginative video wall with the help of our video wall installers. We offer a clear and crisp picture in a design that works best for your needs. Whether landscape or portrait displays, our multi-level arrangements can be enhanced with high performance speakers and other custom audio options. These video walls can deliver your message with ease. Video walls are edge-less screens that create a wall of pixels. This digital signage allows you, to change the content with ease.

Businesses in Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Burke and Tysons Corner looking to installing a video wall system can request a customized quote and get 10% off by mentioning the promo code, “VIDEO-ONE.”

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